Bernie Sanders Remains Optimistic Ahead of Critical California Primary

With the Democratic National Convention coming up in nine short weeks, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says it’s going to be a messy one.

The Vermont Senator will be doing some intense campaigning in California, where 475 delegates are on the line.

But his rival Hillary Clinton is only 90 delegates away from winning the nomination.

Despite that significant lead, Sanders is still optimistic about taking the state, which he needs if he wants to stay in the race.

On Monday, Clinton’s campaign turned down a debate invitation with Sanders so “she can focus her efforts on facing Trump in November.”  

Right now, Trump leads Hillary Clinton in one national poll and is almost tied with her in another.

Currently running unopposed, Trump will come closer to securing his party’s nomination when voters in Washington State head to the polls Tuesday.

Puerto Rico’s primary election is coming up on June 5th, followed by California on June 7th.