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Father Fred Prepares For Annual Spring Garage Sale

Bargain hunters this weekend you can snag some awesome deals and give back to the community at the Annual Father Fred Spring Garage Sale.

What started out as a way to get rid of extra items in their store more than 20 years ago has turned into one of their biggest fundraisers.

Back in January Father Fred started collecting clothes, furniture, toys and electronics and Saturday is the big day.

It takes more than 40 volunteers to put the sale on.

Many cars line up before doors even open.

Most years, by the end the day Father Fred has made more than $30,000, all to help others in need.

Volunteer Coordinator Sue Bauer says, “The money we raise goes directly to client services so to help keep our neighbors lights on, food in their bellies, roof over their heads cars repairs, all those things that people need.”

The garage sale starts bright and early Saturday morning at Father Fred in Traverse City at nine and ends at four. 

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