Donald Trump Weighs in on EgyptAir Crash, Clinton Considers Race Against Sanders Over

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump weighed in on the EgyptAir disaster, calling it a terrorist attack.

Thursday, the presumptive nominee called the crash a terrorist attack before investigators have confirmed it.

But democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton says Trump’s controversial comments make America’s fight against terror even harder.

After a visit to her Illinois hometown, Clinton made it clear that she has only one rival in the presidential race, not two.

And although Clinton has nearly all the delegates needed to win the democratic nomination, that doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges ahead.

Clinton says her competition with Bernie Sanders is over and the democrats will unite behind her.

But the Vermont Senator isn’t showing signs of backing out of the race, despite the tension that boiled over in Nevada last week.

A recent poll shows about half of democratic voters say the party is divided.