Accused Kalamazoo Shooter Dragged Out of Court After Outburst

Accused Kalamazoo shooter Jason Dalton had to be dragged out of court Friday because of an outburst.

Dalton faces six murder charges and two charges of assault with intent to murder.

Police say he went on a deadly rampage February 20th in Kalamazoo.

Friday was Dalton’s preliminary hearing.

While his first victim was on the stand testifying, Dalton started speaking very loudly, and continued even after the judge ordered him to stop.

Tiana Carruthers was shot several times. She started crying uncontrollably on the stand.

The judge briefly adjourned the proceedings after the outburst, but it resumed again that afternoon.

The hearing was to determine whether or not Dalton is fit to stand trial, not his mental state at the time of the shootings.