Soo Locks Using Cannons To Help Manage Seagull Problem

It’s a different way to get rid of seagulls around the Soo Locks, without hurting or killing them.

For the past week, loud, 130 decibel "booms", equivalent to shotgun blasts, have been sounding from two $1,500 cannons at the Soo Locks.

The cannon system scatters the birds.   

Engineers say seagulls create health and safety issues for workers and visitors to the park.

 “Without measures, the birds would nest on our piers, then they would get very aggressive in the areas because they get so concentrated in those areas. The bird feces gets quite thick on the piers, and then the wind blows, then the people end up breathing it and makes them sick,” explains Kevin Sprague, Soo Locks Area engineer.

It appears to be working. The seagull numbers have thinned dramatically this week.

Friday could be the last day to use the cannons.