Leelanau County Crews Find Missing Girl

Leelanau County crews have safely tracked down a missing girl.

The National Parks Service tells us the girl was visiting Sleeping Bear Dunes on a school field trip.

They say she was last seen around 12:15pm.

Crews got the call around one and immediately started searching the pyramid point area.

When the park got the call around 1pm on Wednesday they immediately called in multiple agencies.

Crews were searching both on land and water.

Around 3:15 Wednesday the Glen Lake Fire Department spotted a person sitting along the shoreline about 2.5 miles north of Pyramid Point.

The chief says the girl began waving her arms when she noticed the boat and they came to her rescue.

The chief says she had no injuries and they were able to give her food and water.

The girl is now being taken to be reunited with her family.

Park rangers say this is a good reminder to always be prepared when you come to explore the park.

“But just like any outdoor area; you have to have the right foot gear, the right water lung. That’s the two biggest things that we find in this park, that people aren’t prepared with the right clothing or they don’t have enough water with them,” says Park Ranger, Merrith Baughman.

Park rangers also say you should use the buddy system or if you are coming out alone, always tell someone else your schedule.