Osceola County Sheriff’s Office Stresses Gun Safety After Accidental Shooting

"You have to treat every firearm like its loaded."

A reminder about gun safety tonight after a man accidentally shot himself and his sister over the weekend.

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office responded to the accidental shooting on Saturday.

The Undersheriff says the man makes holsters for guns.

He and his sister were sizing a gun for a holster at a home in Marion when it went off.

The Undersheriff says the bullet went through the man’s leg and hit his sister in the calf.

He says after investigating they don’t plan to follow up with charges, but it’s a reminder for people to be careful while handling guns.

"There was no intent in this. He didn’t point it at anyone with malice or without malice. He was playing around with it. If anything he pointed it at himself, pulled the gun out of its case to check it for the size of this holster and he just didn’t realize it was loaded and he shot himself," says Undersheriff Justin Halladay.

The man and woman have already been released from the hospital.