Grand Traverse County Family Safe After Fire Destroys Home

A family of five is safe today after a fire destroyed their Grand Traverse County home late Sunday night.

Peninsula Township Fire got the call around 11 p.m.

A mother, father and three daughters were asleep in the house when the fire started.

Several crews responded as the fire moved from the garage into the attic.

All five were able to get out safely, but the home appears to be a destroyed.

Fire investigators were out Monday trying to determine the cause of the fire. They say it started in the garage.

 “There’s a stairway that went from the garage up into the attic in the garage. Typically with something like that when there’s no doorway at the bottom of the stairs, the stairway acts as a chimney. So therefore all the fire, smoke and heat can go up through the stairway pretty easily into the attic,” explains Sgt. Dan Drew, Michigan State Police fire marshal.

The fire marshal says they are now waiting for the insurance company to come out.

Anyone interested in helping the family can click here