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Barricaded Gunman Dies After Nearly 12-Hour Standoff with Police

Promo Image: Barricaded Gunman Dies After Nearly 12-Hour Standoff with Police

“Next thing you know, gun shots were going off. You can hear a half dozen of them,” said Meredith Kidd.

Terrifying moments for neighbors last night during a several-hour standoff in Clare County between police and a barricaded gunman.

It ended this morning after police found the man dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Tonight we’ve learned police were serving a search warrant at the home in Lincoln Township when the man began shooting at them.

Bullet holes remain after an overnight shooting between police and a suspect.

It was a scary night for Meredith Kidd when she heard shots being fired at the house next door.

She and her family spent the night in a local gas station parking lot after police closed off the street.

“We were finally able to make it home about 5 am this morning. It’s just kind of been scary. You don’t know what’s going on next door,” Kidd said.

The Clare County Sheriff says the night began with a search warrant.

“The search warrant we obtained for the residence because there was an arrest warrant for someone we believed was in the residence,” Sheriff John Wilson said.         

When the Michigan State Police trooper and two Clare County deputies showed up at the house to serve the warrant, they were greeted with gunshots.

“We go on these calls where we’re going to arrest somebody on a minor warrant or whatever warrant it is, and you never know how they’re going to react.”

The officers were not injured and shot back at the suspect.

They made it out of the house safely but began a nearly 12-hour standoff with the man.

This morning, they decided to enter the house.

“After the Michigan State Police CS team made contact with the inside of the residence, we discovered the body of a male in that residence that appeared to die from a self-inflicted gun wound.”

The sheriff won’t say what the man was wanted for — but says they’re still looking for another man.

“The subject we were looking for, there were two subjects actually. One was one of the deceased males in the house and the other one we don’t really believe was at the residence at the time. For (reasons) unrelated to this incident, because he has outstanding warrants.”

The investigation is now in the hands of the Michigan State Police.