Traverse City Company Making Free Filtration Systems For People in Flint

The water crisis in Flint is inspiring one Northern Michigan company to help those in the city with lead-poisoned water.   

Global Environmental Engineering in Traverse City makes water filtration systems mostly for industrial use, but the water crisis has them focused on Flint homes.

The company is now making customized filtration systems for people in Flint.

They’re made specifically to filter out lead, even filters that attach right to shower heads.

The company says no one in Flint wanted this, so they shouldn’t foot the bill.

 “We never wanted the financial burden of these systems to fall on the shoulders of the homeowner, because we never felt it was their responsibility. They didn’t ask for this,” says Alaina Korreck, Global Environmental Engineering.

So far, Global Environmental Engineering has installed seven systems in Flint for free.

They plan to install many more.