Kingsley Man Getting Bike From Employer

A Kingsley man is on a journey to help one of his family members, and he’s getting a lot of help from his employer.

Mike King has worked at the Grand Traverse Pie Company for more than five years.

Today the company celebrated the fifth anniversary of their location on Park Street.

They also collected donations to help get a bike for Mike.

He’s a familiar face at the Grand Traverse Pie Company.

Since Mike’s first day, he has ridden the bus from Kingsley into Traverse City for work.

But soon that will change.

"I get up at 6 roughly almost 6 and I catch the BATA bus into town into work I get here at work at about 7 to 730, I wait 3 to 4 hours and I go to work at 11, and then after work I go down to the bus station and I wait for probably another half hour, hour," Mike King said.

For Mike King it’s another day spent doing the job he loves.

"That’s what keeps me going. To think that somebody out there has it worse than I do. And if I can sell one slice of pie to make it better why not. And that’s what I do everyday and I love doing it," said Mike King.

During the hours spent commuting to and from work. Mike thinks about one person. His dad.

"He’s kind of like me he doesn’t ask for very much and it’s hard to see him like that. He’s not very well with health. He’s not doing at all well," said Mike King.

Mike’s dad needs a kidney transplant. Mike’s a perfect match, but first doctors say he has to lose 80 pounds.

"That’s why I want to get a bike to loose the weight to donate because for me that’s giving back to him for what he did for me," said Mike King.

The owners of the Grand Traverse Pie Company are on board to help Mike get a bike and get in shape.

"It’s good for fitness it’s good for opening up his world of accessibility and flexibility in his schedule so we felt the least we could do for all Mike has given us," said Mike Busley.

And Mike’s eternally grateful for the company more like family.

"For the owners of this company to do what they’re doing it really is a miracle in it of itself. I always tell them I always thank them everyday for a job but more than that I always thank them for hope," said Mike King.

Mike will get his bike and start riding it to work when he moves to Traverse City next week.