Traverse City Students Exercise Mind, Bodies With New Desk Bike Pedals

Students at a local elementary school have a new way of exercising their minds and bodies while at school.

Fifth graders at Westwoods Elementary have new bike pedals.

The InStride desk pedals allow students to exercise and release energy during the day.

Teachers at the school worked with City Bike Shop to make the increase of physical activity possible.

Fox Grand Traverse was able to write a grant to get the pedals into the classroom.

Students say they love using them.

“For me, I just have so much energy it’s hard to wait for recess. These get rid of all of it and they help us with stress,” says Xavier Sheffer. “Some people like them to use for competition. You can pedal and try to see who gets the most pedals in a day.”

Students are also able to track their calories burned, time and distance with the pedals.

Teachers say the students have also enjoyed them to relieve stress during projects and tests. They have also helped them focus more, and show increasing test scores.