Traverse City Organization Receives More Than $87,000 For Homelessness Program

Organizations across the state are getting more much needed money to help fight homelessness in their communities.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is giving a total of about $15,000,000 worth of grants to organizations in Michigan. 

$87,819 is going to Northwest Michigan Supportive Housing in Traverse City for their permanent supportive housing program. 

Gracie Becker was homeless for 8 years before her and her husband found out about the resources at Northwest Michigan Supportive Housing in Traverse City. She says, “People are really hard at giving people a chance and I think that this program sort of helps people get that chance.”

Becker has dealt with homelessness and has a husband with a mental illness, but several years ago, she was able to find a safe place to live, thanks to Northwest Michigan Supportive Housing in Traverse City. “It was really hard for us finding a place to live we always lived with somebody else, we got in the program and it was just so awesome being there to have our own place that was affordable, have a place where we didn’t freeze, we had hot water.”

This $87,000 federal grant will open the door to housing units for Northern Michigan families living on the street.

Executive Director of Northwest Michigan Supportive Housing, Emma Moyer, says, “It will provide leasing dollars so we’ll pay rent obviously so support services to make sure that their physical and mental health needs are being met for roughly 8 tenants is what we’re looking at, 8 units. That can change depending on family size.”

One step closer to getting families a permanent home and a fighting chance at success.

Gracie Becker says, “I hope it gives them security, I hope they can get a place. I mean that’s just the biggest thing, once you get into a place and then you have a better chance to getting a job you know pulling yourself up.”

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