President Obama Visits Flint, Speaks Directly on Water Crisis

The presidential visit comes after 8-year-old Mari Copeny wrote the president about the water crisis.

A message that not only prompted a trip to Flint but a vow to fix the issues plaguing the city.

9&10’s Cody Boyer was in Flint all day and has continuing coverage on the president’s comments, plus Mari’s reaction to his visit.

A standing ovation from the people of Flint greeted President Obama all the way to the podium.

"……I’ve got your back."

It was the president’s first visit to the city in turmoil and it all started with a young girl’s big heart and a letter to the president.

"Mari has been worried about children like her. She is worried about the future of this city and this community. Middle of tragedy that should have never happened." Says President Obama.

The president’s focus fell on infrastructure and how the water became poisonous in the first place.

 "A broader mindset, a corrosive attitude in mindsets. It leads to systematic carelessness."

…And how to work together to make it better.

"I want to make sure…Safe to cook with, safe to clean with…that’s part of the basic responsibility of the government of the United States of America."

The president asked for a drink, himself.

"Can I get some water?"

And 8-year-old Mari, who wrote the letter, sat in the front row.

"It was exciting. ‘How surprised were you?’ Psssssssssh" exclaims Mari Copeny.

Mari spoke for the kids of Flint, who the president says will help the city recover.

"You should be hurt but don’t sink it in despair. Don’t sink it to your children that they will be saddled with problems for the rest of their LIVES. They’ll be just fine. Tough neighborhood. They’ll make it!"

As for Mari, she got a big hug when he was done.

"I gave him a big hug."