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MTM On The Road: Keef Company Handmade Clothing

It’s a clothing line that’s as breezy, easy-going and trendy as its founder. began with a 17-year-old northern native who wanted to wear what wasn’t available in the mall. That’s when Keefer Edwards began hand-sewing his own accessories in his mom’s Glen Arbor home. Keef uses recycled fibers and organic materials to make products that are eco-friendly but also full of flavor. What started as backpacks grew to pillows, wallets and now the biggest of all, an evolving variety of hats. In 2015 he continued the business in his Ann Arbor dorm room at the University of Michigan, but these days he’s back at it in the North—this time in his dad’s Empire basement. Join us on Michigan This Morning as we tour the (current) headquarters of Keef Company!

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