Honor Village President Up For Recall

Honor’s village president has been cleared of charges after being accused of using the town’s money for personal use, but his name remains on the ballot, up for a recall from office.

Now that people are out of work, more and more have been coming into the polling place for the recall election.

So far, those that are voting have told us that they want a new village president.

“I think there will be less turmoil in the village,” says Honor resident Richard Zych.

Village of Honor President Dennis Rodzik is up for recall.

It comes after he was charged with embezzling money from the village, which he was cleared of last week.

Turnout is about 25 percent so far, which is actually higher than normal for the village.

“From past experience, this is very good for them. This is more than what they usually get,” says Debra Donley, Homestead Township chairperson.. 

Voters are deciding to keep Rodzik or appoint Trustee Bill Ward as the new president.

“Whoever gets the most votes, that’s who’s going to be the winner of the night, and that’s who takes over the position,” explains Donley.

Some making time to vote say they want a new president.

“There has been a lot of drama at the meetings, spoken with the people who have been there, and it hasn’t been a very friendly atmosphere like a small village should be,” says Zych.

We did speak with Rodzik on Monday.

He feels that because he was cleared of those charges, this recall is no longer legal and he is the best person to represent the village.

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