Honor Village President Reacts to Recall Election

Voters have recalled Honor’s Village President, Dennis Rodzik, even after he was cleared of criminal charges accusing him of using village money for personal reasons.

There has been so much controversy and drama over this recall election that the Benzie County Sheriff’s Department had a deputy at the polling place for the village today.

There were no issues but voters made it clear they want Rodzik removed as president.

Trustee Bill Ward will now take over.

"My wife and I have been honored to be apart of this community. We’ve been welcomed here and I hope I can live up to the responsibility to be a true public servant for this community," says Ward.

The push for the recall started after Rodzik was charged with embezzlement.

But he says because he wasn’t convicted, the recall has no legal standing.

"I was acquitted last week of that so that language is libelous and slanderous because it is false information. There was no misappropriated of public funds," says Rodzik.

He plans to fight the voters’ decision.

"Based on principle, the principle being I was elected for two years. The group in Honor, its a small group, has slandered me for the last 10 months…I have been speaking to attorneys there will be litigation," says Rodzik.

"I don’t think he has any legal grounds but he continues to fight whether he has legal grounds or not. I’m hoping he’ll take this opportunity to realize that this issue is done," says Ward.

Rodzik does have the right to take the recall to court, but Ward says he hopes the village can move forward without any more problems.