Former Bay Area Recycling for Charities Employees Face Embezzlement Charges

“I equate it to being like having a huge hole put in the bottom of our ship.”

The president of a local non-profit group is getting his organization back on track after learning two former employees are accused of stealing money.

The two worked for Bay Area Recycling for Charities.

They now face embezzlement charges between $20,000 and $50,000.

9&10’s Veronica Meadows talked to the charity’s president about the arrests.

“He learned the ropes really fast he was a very nice young man hard working, always on time, always happy, very professional all things pointed towards him being a great employee.”

Andy Gale, the president of Bay Area Recycling for Charities is reflecting on the first moments he met former General Manager Adam Bolton, before he was accused of stealing from the non-profit.

“Two of our customers, and one of them called me up on October 1st and said hey Andy we think Adam is trying to start his own business and then another customer called a week later and said that he had gotten confirmation that Adam was trying to sell something to him directly.” Says Andy Gale.

Bolton and Larry Olsen are now accused of taking money since last summer by starting their own business.

“They called it Great Lakes Freight Ways and what they did was these two gentleman collaborated, and these two gentleman got their own bank account in town here in TC and they got themselves a post office box, and they got themselves a quick books.” Says Gale.

Gale, blindsided by the accusations against his former employees.

“When I first found out about this it was utter disbelief and I felt very saddened and sorry that these 2 guys would take advantage of us, not just as a business, but as a nonprofit you know we are just out trying to do some good in the world and provide these jobs

The organization is taking steps to move forward.

“We’ve had to really fast get organized and not spending a lot of time feeling bad for ourselves but just going out and fixing the things we could fix, putting in some new systems to make it so this doesn’t happen to us again.”