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MedWatch: Munson Manor Hospitality House

Sometimes, finding the best healthcare means having to travel.

For patients at Munson Medical Center, there’s an option for patients and family that puts them right where they need to be.

In today’s MedWatch, learn about the Munson Manor Hospitality House and what makes it the perfect place to stay.

At first glance, you might think this is a hotel.

"It is a hotel, but yet we call it a Hospitality House because we really want it to be more of a home."

This is the Munson Manor Hospitality House, just steps away from Munson Medical Center.

"The Munson Manor Hospitality House is a place for patients and their families. It’s a place to provide peace and comfort during kind of hectic or high anxiety times," says Munson Manor Hospitality House manager Beth Rose.

A home away from home for patients who may need daily treatment or families trying to stay close to loved ones.

"They each have their own individual rooms. It has a bed and a place to store their items, they each have their own private bath and their own shower," explains Beth. "There’s no television in the rooms. Instead, that takes place in more community events. There’s lounges in the facility and places for people to meet and talk, and get some quiet time and peaceful time away from the hospital."

One place where the guests often come together is over dinner.

It is a special time, made possible by volunteers.

"Volunteers are a huge portion of what we do. We couldn’t be able to keep the house open or do what we do without the volunteers here. It really is critical to everyday operations," says Beth.

Rachel Johnson explains, "We plan the meal, decide the menu, purchase all the supplies and we come here, and the Hospitality House has this great kitchen. It’s a great, fun place to work and spend some time outside of work with our colleagues."

Rachel is with the .

More than half of their employees have helped make dinner here.

They started a rotation more than three years ago.

"It’s great to get the employees off campus, not thinking about the work, interact, do something positive that makes a difference. There’s an immediate reward, because you get to interact with the guest and they’re always appreciative of the time that our employees put in," says Rachel.

Cherryland is one of dozens of organizations, businesses, church groups and families who have become part of the regular dinner schedule at the Hospitality House.

"It’s one of the things that people talk about the most. Our guests, when they’re checking out, will say, ‘I can’t believe that group came in and served that meal, it made such a difference in my stay’," says Beth.

Manager Beth Rose says there is always room for more.

"This is a place where people are coming not on their best day, but on their worst day. So if you look at it from that perspective, you’re helping some people at some of the most difficult times of their lives, and to be a part of that and to make a difference in somebody’s life when they’re going through something like that is amazing," explains Beth.

Rachel adds, "You get to hear people’s stories. A lot of times, they’re going through things that you have also gone through. There is something that’s very rewarding about sharing that, even if it’s with someone you don’t know."

The Hospitality House is also in need of volunteers on evenings and weekends, as well as donations of paper products, laundry detergent and non-perishable foods.

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