Gladwin County 3-Year-Old Recovering After Shooting Himself In The Arm

A three-year-old boy is recovering after accidentally shooting himself in the arm Wednesday.

The Gladwin County sheriff says the boy found a gun at his home in Grout Township.

It went off and hit his arm.

Gladwin County Sheriff Mike Shea says the case started when EMS told deputies they were treating someone with a gunshot wound to the arm.

That person ended up being the three-year-old boy.

Sheriff Shea says the boy found his dad’s loaded nine millimeter pistol in a drawer where he could reach it.

That’s when he accidentally fired the gun.

His dad was at a home nearby and called 911 when he found out his son was shot.

The sheriff says the dad has been cooperating, but a request for charges has been filed to the prosecutor.

He says it is very lucky this didn’t end worse.

The sheriff says the father could face a misdemeanor charge for leaving his gun where his son could get to it.

The prosecutor will be reviewing the case possibly Thursday or Friday.

We’ll keep you updated both on air and online as we find out more.