Cadillac Project Sticker Shock Aims to Curb Underage Drinking

Two Wexford County agencies are teaming up to put a stop to teen drinking and drug abuse.

The campaign is called Project Sticker Shock.

Later today, the Cadillac Mayor’s Youth Council and Cadillac City Police are handing out stickers to alcohol retailers.

They’ll put the stickers on multi-case containers of alcohol.

Since it’s prom season, they want to remind people not to give minors access to alcohol.

“It isn’t warning kids to not drink. It’s around this time of year, prom, graduation that adults buy alcohol for underage children really,” Cadillac Mayor’s Youth Council Head Tiyi Schippers said.

The Cadillac Youth Advisory Council started the effort last fall during homecoming, and they will do it again for graduation.