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Presidential Candidates Hope To Win Big In Latest Round of Primaries

Promo Image: Presidential Candidates Hope To Win Big In Latest Round of Primaries

Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware and Maryland voters are all at the polls the latest round of presidential primaries.

What’s at stake?

Big delegate hauls for both Democrats and Republicans.

There are 172 total delegates up for grabs in Tuesday’s GOP contests.

For Democrats, a whopping 384.

After Tuesday, 64 percent of all Democratic delegates and 79 percent of all Republican delegates will have been divvied up.

Donald Trump needs 53 percent of the remaining delegates to lock up the GOP nomination.

Ted Cruz and John Kasich are standing by one another in the alliance they created to stop Trump in his tracks.

"He’s focusing his attention on other states. What that means is that Indiana gets a straight and direct choice between our campaign and Donald Trump," said Cruz.

Kasich agreed not to campaign in Indiana, which votes next week.

A Hillary Clinton sweep Tuesday would make it almost impossible for challenger Bernie Sanders to catch her.

Still, the Vermont senator says he will continue to campaign through this summer’s convention.

"We’re in this race to win. We’re going to be in California in June and we’ll be in Philadelphia back here in July," said Sanders.

Clinton is calling on Sander supporters to back her to try and defeat Republicans in November.

Our news team will bring you the results as they come in Tuesday night, with continuing campaign coverage on air and online.