Cruz, Kasich Teaming Up to Keep Republican Nomination from Trump

Republican presidential candidates Ted Cruz and John Kasich have issued some controversial statements regarding upcoming primaries, and Donald Trump is not happy about it.

Within minutes of each other, Cruz and Kasich each issued statements outlining their plans to divide campaigning efforts in upcoming contests.

Cruz plans to focus on Indiana while Kasich will devote his time to Oregon and New Mexico.

Trump lashed out on Twitter, calling the candidates desperate.

This is the first sign of the two campaigns coordinating efforts to block Trump from getting the delegates necessary to win the GOP presidential nomination.

And on the democratic side, Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders are working to gain support ahead of Tuesday’s round of primary elections.

Clinton has been campaigning in Pennsylvania, where she has a commanding lead over Sanders in the polls.

Meanwhile, Sanders spent time in Rhode Island and Connecticut touching on hot topics like fair wages.

On Tuesday, five northeastern states will hold their primary elections.