Clare County Outdoor Businesses Busy with Spring Rush

Rain this time of year quickly greens up lawns and brings flowers back to life.

Outdoor businesses in Clare County are busy with their spring rush as people get back into their yards.

"This is the time of year to get everything spruced up and looking good," says Sod-Busters Lawn and Landscaping Manager Corey Ackerman.

Their crews are out constantly to keep up with demand.

"We have a two and a half week time frame we do roughly about 60-80 spring clean ups before we start doing our full time lawn mowing," says Ackerman.

The same goes for Deer Resistant Landscape Nursery.

David Jensen sells flowers online that have a certain aroma or taste that deer don’t like.

"I probably got a hundred orders in the last couple weeks which is a lot for me," says Jensen.

One of his top sellers are Hellebores. Another is Box Wood Shrubs. Both of these plants are so popular when it comes to resisting deer that Jensen is shipping all across the country right now.

"I have people in the southern states calling saying ‘I have to plant now, it’s almost hit summer right now’ but it’s like, not up here with frost every other night it’s hard to keep the plants ready," says Jensen.

Jensen packs and ships everything from his garage.

It’s a bit hectic right now but he and Ackerman agree, it’s the best time of year to be busy.

"It is an exciting time. By the time April hits everyone is done with the snow cold weather everyone wants to be outside in the fresh air," says Ackerman.