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Ostego County Woman Loses Everything to House Fire

An Otsego County woman lost everything after a fire destroyed her home earlier Saturday.

The fire started around nine Saturday morning and took Otsego Lake Township firefighters over an hour to put out.

The trailer was on Trillium Trail in Ostego Lake Township

Saturday morning Linda Allmacher turned on the oven and minutes later it was on fire. She tried to put the fire out herself, but the fire spread too quickly.

With the help of a neighbor her and her pets were able to make it out safely, but she didn’t have a chance to grab any of her belongings, including her phone and purse.

She says, “Everything is gone, everything and I cried and boo hooed and friends from all over just came rushing in to help me and to be with me and then the kids all came and you have to be thankful for your family and friends.”

Ostego Lake Township fire says the fire was caused by a gas leak in the oven.  

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