Michigan Senate Bill Aims to Reduce Costs of Oral Cancer Medicine

Oral medication is becoming a more popular form of chemotherapy treatment for cancer patients, but for many it costs too much.

A new bill approved by the State Senate Insurance Committee wants to change that.

Senate Bill 625 would lower the monthly out-of-pocket costs for patients who get oral anti-cancer medications instead of IV treatments.

Hospitals like Munson Medical Center say they see the problem with their patients often.

And if the new bill passes, it could help get them the proper treatment they need.

“The prices of some of these drugs are just not really reachable out of pocket for a lot of the patients, and so if we can’t figure out a way to get them some help with the cost of the drug then they just can’t take it. We want them to have the best available therapy,” says Dr. Zachary Hector-Word, medical oncologist.

The bill now goes to the full senate for a vote.