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Presidential Candidates Continue Campaigning Before Tuesday Primaries

Promo Image: Presidential Candidates Continue Campaigning Before Tuesday Primaries

No rest for presidential hopefuls as candidates are out in full force to sway voters after two big win’s in New York Tuesday night.

Donald Trump took 89 of New York’s 95 delegates.

Governor John Kasich takes home four, and Senator Ted Cruz was shut out.

So far, Trump has won 47% of the delegates awarded.

He is convinced he will win the nomination, however Ohio Governor John Kasich says he definitely has a chance, stating, “Since I’m the only one who consistently beats Hillary in every single poll and [Trump and Cruz] lose in virtually every single poll, I think we’ll have a good future here at the convention.”

Trump needs to get to 57% of the remaining delegates to take the nomination and avoid a contested convention.

On the left, Hillary Clinton got a big boost from Tuesday night’s win.

She leads Bernie Sanders by 253 delegates.   

Now, Sanders is touring Pennsylvania looking to drum up support for next week’s elections.

At the same time, Clinton spent some time in Philadelphia talking to voters about gun control.

5 northeastern states will hold the next primary elections on Tuesday.