Oscoda County Holds Meeting To Try To Prevent The Spreading of Bovine TB

“We really want to emphasize to the cattle farmers, the need to protect their cattle and their farms by having a good biosecurity.”

A sickness effecting Northern Michigan cattle is rearing its head once again.   

A meeting was held on Thursday night to help stop it.

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and U.S.D.A. confirmed a beef herd in Oscoda County tested positive for bovine tuberculosis.

Thursday, a meeting took place at the Elmer Township Hall in Mio to address the problem.

Bovine TB can be a deadly disease for cattle.

It spreads between wildlife populations and even humans.

And with Oscoda County having an endemic of bovine TB in free-ranging deer, it’s more reason to prevent transmission.

Which is what tonight’s meeting was all about.

“It has to do with making sure that cattle feed is stored in a secure way where wildlife can’t get into it. The way you’re presenting your cattle feed is safe so that you’re not leaving a lot of cattle feed out for days on end where the deer could get into it and contaminate it.” Says TB program coordinator, Dr. Rick smith.

This is the 64th cattle herd in Michigan found with bovine TB since 1998.