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Michigan State Police Discuss Otsego County Medical Marijuana Dispensary Searches

Michigan State Police held a press conference Thursday morning discussing the most recent medical marijuana dispensary searches.

During the conference, police discussed the law, what is allowed and how they will move forward.

Police say the raids continue to happen because caregivers continue to violate the law.

They say the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act is very clear, caregivers can have five patients, as well as themselves.

Dispensaries are also not allowed to give out edibles since they are illegal in Michigan.

State police found edible marijuana in this week’s raid.

They can only have 2.5 ounces of usable marijuana per patient.

They can have 12 plants per patient.

The issue continues to be that caregivers in Gaylord either have too much marijuana or too many patients.

They welcome local caregivers to come in to talk to them so they can discuss what is legal.

We will have more details on the press conference tonight on 9&10 News.

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