Developing: Otsego County Medical Marijuana Dispensary Raided

“You’ve got a small group of people and individuals that are blatantly violating the laws that are set forth by the medical marijuana statutes.”

Developing news in Otsego County.

The SANE drug team arrested one person during a medical marijuana dispensary raid.

Detectives raided the same business last month, along with several other medical marijuana dispensaries.

We have a crew at the scene of Cloud 45 marijuana dispensary in Gaylord, working to bring you up to the minute details.

9&10’s Veronica Meadows was in Gaylord with more on Tuesday’s raid.        

Police executed a search warrant today for Cloud 45, a home and the pole barn.

Tuesday afternoon they found 40 marijuana plants and edibles.

A lieutenant with SANE says they had information that made them believe Cloud 45 was involved with edibles and illegally dispensing.

Similar accusations when the dispensary was also raided back in March.

Police did make an arrest.

A detective with the case says that he understands most people in the community do follow the rules with medical marijuana.

”A small handful of people feel like they are kinda ruining it for those who are following the medical marijuana laws I would like to think the bulk of the people that have medical marijuana cards that are patients and caregivers that are following the rules.” Says S.A.N.E Detective Lieutenant, Ken Mills

Cloud 45 was raided back in March.

The arrest on Tuesday stems from that investigation.

The investigation will continue and there could be more arrests.