Scottville Fire Chief: Don’t Burn Brush Without a Permit

Cleaning up and burning brush in your yard is a standard chore for people, especially now that the weather is nice.

But it’s a dangerous one that the Scottville Fire Chief says needs to be handled carefully.

"Somebody could get hurt or even die so if it gets away. It could be big trouble," says Chief Dale Larr.

Now that spring is here, you need to make sure you’re checking the DNR’s website for burning conditions. Right now permits aren’t even allowed in most counties, so you should not be burning.

"It’s all over that there’s no burning right now so there shouldn’t be any excuse to be burning if they just check before they start," says Larr.

There are three key reminders when it is safe to burn brush.

Never burn unless you have the proper permit.

Never leave a burn unattended.

And never use an accelerant, like kerosene or gasoline.

"Put it in a container. Maybe start with a little bit of paper and little pieces of wood until they get it going instead of putting an accelerant on it," says Larr.

The fire chief says accelerants are dangerous and unnecessary.

Most brush fires they respond to happen after someone used accelerant and didn’t monitor it properly.

Those fires are completely avoidable.

"You’ve got all these extra vehicles running down the road trying to get there and save somebody’s property or lives when it’s a lot of times, it’s not necessary if they’d just take precautions," says Larr.

If you’re caught burning without a permit you can be fined.

And if your burn gets out of control you can be charged for all of the fire department resources needed to put it out.