Emmet County Women’s Resource Center Offers Help for Sexual Assault Victims

When sexual assault crimes take place, often people don’t know where they can go for help.

9 & 10’s Blayke Roznowski has details on resources for victims of sexual assault.

"One in three women in the world will be either beaten or sexually assaulted in their lifetime," Women’s Resource Center counseling services program director Stacy Walsh-Hoobler said. "It’s staggering. It’s, in my opinion, an epidemic."

Victims who have been sexually assaulted often feel afraid to speak up about what they’ve been through.

"Often times since they’re brain has shut down," Walsh-Hoobler said. "They just might not even remember the events clearly and they’ll often be in a state of shock. They’ll feel numb." 

But help is available. 

The Women’s Resource Center in Petoskey say it’s important victims get the support they need.

"Therapy can really help the person understand what they’re going through and really understand that their reactions are very normal," Walsh-Hoobler said. "It’s just part of being affected by trauma and that they can actually heal and recover." 

Support from friends and family can also help.

"It’s just really important to let a person know that you believe in them and that you are there for them and that they did nothing wrong," Walsh-Hoobler said.

The Women’s Resource Center says if anyone is being harassed and concerned for their safety, they should call for help immediately.

"If you feel your life is threatened, of course, contact 9-1-1," Walsh-Hoobler said. "We do have our 24-hour crisis and prevention line that people can access if they need support and further safety planning."