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Historic Sault Ste. Marie Building Creating Controversy

A historic building in Sault Ste. Marie is up for sale and creating controversy.

Cloverland Electric Co-Op wants to buy the former House of Bargains building.

That sits on Ashmun St. right on the edge of the Sault Ste. Marie Canal.

Cloverland says buying the building will help them when they refurbish that part of the aging canal.

But the community is worried about the fate of the historic building–concerned it may get torn down.

"If somebody wants to come in and buy a building and tear it down, then we’re not happy," owner of another historic building Leslie Townsend said. "Especially a building that’s as old as House of Bargains.

"The idea being that we would preserve the building, but be able to reinforce it in ways that would protect the canal," Cloverland Electric Co-Op president and CEO Dan Dasho said.

As of now, cloverland has not purchased the building.

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