Semi-Truck Carrying Oatmeal Burns on U.S. 131

Firefighters working into this evening to put out a semi-truck fire.

The trailer was filled with oatmeal. 

No one was hurt in the fire, but it made a mess on the freeway.

Fire crews got the call around one-o’clock this afternoon and responded to exit 162 on southbound U.S. 131 near Leroy.

This is the scene as they worked to clean up what was left of the trailer.

Three fire departments spent several hours on scene, putting out the fire and cleaning the spilled and burned oatmeal off the freeway.

They say it was a unique and challenging fire.

“The biggest challenge we faced was it was bulk oatmeal in the trailer. The fire was burning underneath and all the bags had busted open this we just couldn’t get at it. It was just like running out of the trailer it turns into quicksand,” said Captain Josh Lewis of the Leroy Rose Lake Fire Department.

The burned oatmeal actually made the road slippery.

The cause of the fire is not known.