Downtown Boyne City Busy with New Businesses

"We all rely on each other for keeping the doors open," Local Flavor Bookstore owner Chris Bandy said.

One Northern Michigan city has new businesses bringing new life to the area.

Several new spots have already opened and there’s still more to come.

Boyne City streets in Charlevoix County are full with visitors coming to check out what the downtown has to offer.

9 & 10’s Blayke Roznowski and photojournalist Erin Malone heard from local business owners about the exciting time for Boyne City.

"There’s almost no vacancies in town," Boyne Area Chamber of Commerce executive director Jim Baumann said. "We’ve got people lined up, you know, they want to come to Boyne City, open a store and we’ve only got a couple of vacancies."

The summer season may still be a few weeks a way, but Boyne City has been busy with people and new business coming to town.

"It always makes it more interesting to see the new energy and new blood, per se, to come in, which brings people and visitors and, of course, being in a town that relies on tourists," Bandy said. "It’s very exciting." 

A spot that sat empty on Lake St. for years will finally become home for a 7 Monks Taproom, as well as the Northern Michigan Sports Medicine Center this summer.

Businesses like Local Flavor Bookstore say that helps bring in more customers for them.

"It’s very exciting because, one, we all depend on each other," Bandy said. "We’re interwoven whether you realize that or not."

Newly opened stores like the Boyne City Bakery say this city is a great place to be.

"All the other businesses have come in," Boyne City Bakery owner Don Hunter said. "It’s a really tight knit, they really support each other and everything down here. I mean, we’ve had a lot of the other business owners coming in and said, ‘we’re rooting for you.’" 

"I think that’s really a healthy a sign that the economy is good," Baumann said. "People are thinking positively about Boyne City and it’s a good place to open a business."