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Former Fire Chief Loses Barn to Fire

Promo Image: Former Fire Chief Loses Barn to Fire

A morning fire destroyed this barn and everything in it.

The owner is the former Fire Chief of one of the departments that helped put it out.

He estimates he lost about a million dollars worth of tools and equipment.

The fire started just after nine this morning at the barn on Maston Road south of Custer in Mason County.

Neighbors helping neighbors, it’s the motto of the Carr Community Fire Department. Today it was also firefighter helping firefighter as they battled flames at their former Chief’s barn.

“It’s a sad feeling to know that somebody lost part of their livelihood he did a lot of work for other people in the community and people all over in that garage and it’s pretty sad when you see it go like that,” said Carr Community Fire Department Chief Andy LaPointe.

The fire destroyed everything inside Bruce Burke’s barn. He worked with many of the firefighters that responded. Even one of the trucks that carried water to the fire, was worked on by Bruce, inside the barn that now sits charred.

“When somebody is in need of help we’re there to help everybody. It makes it hard when you have to help your fellow fire people when they lose something but that’s what we’re there for to help them the best way we can. It’s what we do it’s hard to accept one of our firefighters losing everything,” said Dan Beck, Lake Township Fire Department Chief.  

Now firefighters are focused on helping a man who helped them in so many ways – neighbors helping neighbors.

“In this small community that we live in that’s what we do neighbors help neighbors and that’s our logo neighbors helping neighbors when a bad tragedy happens to a neighbor everybody kind of kicks in and helps,” said LaPointe.

 It is still not clear what caused the fire.