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Sightseeing in Northern Michigan: Happy Dogs, Happy Owners

Good dog owners love their pets unconditionally.

And sometimes it has to be that way, because many pups are not always on their best behavior.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We introduce you to a man hoping to make all dogs and their owners happy in this week’s Sightseeing in Northern Michigan.

Meet Jake.

There’s nothing more important to him than his ball.

Now meet Jake’s owner Jason. He feels the same way about Jake, and he wants you to feel the same way about your dog.

is a franchise, and the theory behind that is we just like happy, confident, obedient dogs. And when I say sit, I’d like my dog to sit and when I say come, I want my dog to come,” says Jason Folgmann.

And there’s good reason for that.

“It makes a dog happy, because, for one, you have a happy confident owner, and two, if your dog listens to you and obeys you they get to be a dog,” explains Jason. “They get to do more things with their owners, they get to go into the public, they get to go to park, on walks, they get to go to the beach. So if they’re obedient, the owners are more willing to take them out and have a good time with them.”

Jason says communication is the key.

“We help those folks by teaching the dogs the manners and behaviors we do want. I have lots of people that come in and tell me, they come in with harnesses and choke chains and all sorts of devices on their dogs and try to get them to walk next to their sides, and lots of times within a half hour they’re like ‘you just fixed my dog in a half hour and I’ve been working on it for two years’. So we help the owners learn how to communicate and work with their dogs.”

He and his family moved up to Traverse City ten years ago after being a bank fraud investigator downstate. Then, a bad car accident changed his life.

“You never know how long you’re going to be here, so I might as well do something I enjoy that makes me happy,” says Jason. “When I sat down and thought about all the things I wanted to do, dogs were at the top of my list.”

At the top of his list now: Bernie, Mack, Hugo, Cooper, Lucy and Jake. What can be better than the unconditional love of so many dogs? Just ask Daisy, who really likes the wind screen on our camera.

“It’s like having another little buddy around. They always look to you for things. I enjoy the quirky little things they do. I can just sit here and watch the daycare for hours and watch them run around together and the things that they do to each other. They’re just goofy and I enjoy doing it,” Jason tells us.

So if your best friend has "doggy issues", you might want to give Jason at Sit Means Sit in Traverse City a call. It may change your life, just like the way these guys changed his.

“Half the time it’s not the dog, it’s working with the individuals. And when I can see them and the smiles on their face when they walk out knowing that their dog just made a big improvement throughout the day and they’re happy, that’s why I enjoy it.”

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