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Gaylord Community Cleaning Up, Frustrated After Spring Snow

All of this snow has people all over Northern Michigan more than ready for spring weather.

In the City of Gaylord these late spring storms are frustrating.

People keep cleaning up after what seemed like an early spring.

9 & 10’s Blayke Roznowski and photojournalist Erin Malone heard how the snow is not only frustrating, but also impacting business.

"It’s just been dumping and dumping on us and with where were at in April, it’s just not right," Gaylord shoveler Jordan Awrey said.

People in the City of Gaylord are sick and tired of the continued spring snow storms.

"I thought it was going to be completely over a few weeks ago," Awrey said. "We were seeing the beautiful weather and stuff and we’re like, okay, this kind of fits in with how the whole weather of the year was going, but nope Mother Nature just killed it again."

"I’m ready for it to be over," Gaylord shoveler Mike Ryan said. "I’m ready to plant flowers and do some things outside besides shovel snow."

The snow is wet and heavy which is great for making a snowman, but it turns the roads wet and slushy, which businesses say keeps customers from coming in the door.

"It’s not good for businesses because the driving is unsafe," Diana’s Delights business manager Kimberly Roney said. "Very slushy, wet today, so a lot of people do stay home. It takes time to clean out your driveways, you know, it doesn’t do much for the downtown areas."

With most ski resorts now closed, businesses hope the snow ends soon so tourists start coming up for golf.

"Definitely helps," Roney said. "You see the walking traffic, safer driving, stores are more, you see them open later, busier, so it all just brings a different personality to people." 

"Completely over it," Awrey said. "I mean, snow is cool and all, but not in April. April it needs to start making its way out."

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