Traverse City Police Investigate Additional Burglaries, Continue to Search For Thieves

Several more people in homes along Birchwood Avenue in Traverse City have fallen victim to thieves.

Traverse City police say from Friday morning to Friday night they responded to seven burglaries and five car larcenies.

Most were along Birchwood Avenue.

Homeowners reported items missing like golf balls, hats, beer, and an ice cream sandwich.

Others had damage to landscaping and seats in their cars were slashed.

After two nights of destruction, neighbors on the street are keeping a watchful eye.

“You can just not be too careful. We are becoming a big city, people are coming in because they think we’re just completely innocent up here in the north land and we’re not,” says Harriett Guyot. “You just can never be too careful.”

Police are still looking for who is responsible.

If you have any information call Traverse City police at 231-995-5150.