New Bill Looks to Improve Michigan Recycling Rates

Governor Snyder signed a bill creating a statewide recycling data collection system.

This in hopes to double the recycling rates in Michigan.       

Right now Michigan’s recycling rate is at about 15%.

The governor hopes to see it increase to 30% with this bill.

Bay Area Recycling for Charities says this is what the state needs to get people in Michigan serious about recycling.

“We advertise it as "Pure Michigan" and what we want to do is we want to try to maintain that purity and that goes right down to how we handle our waste and where our garbage goes. So the more we can recycle the more we can capture out of that the better off we are going to be.” Says B.A.R.C Founder, Andy Gale.

B.A.R.C is open from 9-5 on Barlow Street in Traverse City.

They recycle mattresses, electronics and more.