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Wexford County 4-H Club Seeking More Volunteers

Promo Image: Wexford County 4-H Club Seeking More Volunteers

A local 4-H club is looking for more volunteers to help kids learn new skills.

The Wexford County 4-H Club is looking for adults to lead its SPINS –or special interest clubs.

They include anything hands-on that leaders are interested in passing onto kids.

There’s currently a canine crew club, the Manton horse and pony club, a geocaching club, babysitting club and more.

“Really, we just want people who have some time and want to invest in the youth in Wexford County to come forward and really help us build this community by reaching out to our younger people with whatever activities they’re interested in sharing with the youth,” says Wexford 4-H Program coordinator Carol Blake.

If there’s an activity that you’d enjoy teaching kids, you can talk to Carol about setting up a schedule.

You can email Carol at .