Two Traverse City Men Arrested in Connection to Active Meth Lab

Traverse Narcotics Team detectives found themselves walking into an active meth lab at a Traverse City home Monday night.

Their investigation started after receiving a tip from a woman accused of shoplifting tools to make meth, and ended with the arrest of two Traverse City men.

9&10’s Caroline Powers and photojournalist Jeremy Erickson have more details on their investigation and what neighbors are saying.

“I didn’t suspect that there would be a meth lab.”

An orange warning sign hangs on the broken down door of the upstairs apartment of a Traverse City home.

Traverse Narcotics Team detectives were tipped off to possible drug activity there last night.

“There is on occasion a connection between what’s being stolen and drug use,” says Grand Traverse Sheriff’s Captain Chris Clark. “Here you have a retail fraud that’s occurring in Garfield Township and somehow that crime led to the house in Traverse City where meth was being manufactured.”

When detectives went into the apartment they found a man cooking meth.

They immediately got the people living in the downstairs apartment out, and arrested two men in connection to the upstairs apartment in the home.

“Not only do you have the Traverse Narcotics Team, but the Meth Response Team, you also have the Traverse City Fire Department. So quite a few resources are being used to not only investigate that crime that’s occurring at that residence, but also to make it save for those responders at the residence and also the neighbors,” Captain Clark says.

Gary Wittig say he’s noticed problems and arguments among the people upstairs before.

“Not necessarily a surprise because they were the new neighbors you didn’t exactly get excited to mix with,” Wittig says. “But I didn’t have any worries about what it was going to be like having them over there.”

But Wittig says hearing about the drug activity is unsettling.

“If I were living right underneath I’d be moving right away. That’s just too scary and too close to home. This happening right there, that’s pretty frightening,” Wittig says.