Hospitals and Emergency Responders Prepare for Mass Casualties

The attacks in Brussels have emergency responders and hospitals everywhere making sure they are ready to respond to a mass casualty incident.

Munson Medical Center in Traverse City stays ready twenty four seven to treat victims of a mass casualty incident. Doctors and nurses at their trauma center go through regular training to handle a large influx of patients.

“Their role is really to triage and treat people as they come in and to make sure that we’re coordinating with other hospitals in the Munson Health Care System if we need additional support. We also have plans in place to bring in additional staff if that is needed,” said Ian Jones, Director of Communications.  

They say training and reviewing their policies is the best way to stay prepared.

“You plan for the worst case scenario and you drill and rehearse for that worst case scenario so that whatever happens you have the plan and the people and the processes in place to address it,” said Jones.

Wexford County Emergency Manager Sarah Benson recently helped coordinate training for responding to an attack similar to the one in Brussels, keeping first responders, ready for anything.

“Training and education is our best defense. That’s why we exercise, we find our failure points our gaps and then as we train and exercise and purchase equipment moving forward we do that to fill our gaps,” said Benson.

While training keeps everyone ready coordination and communication between multiple agencies is also a key factor in their response.