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Wanted Fugitives in Northern Michigan: Ronnie Hazelwood

“Somebody could move into your neighborhood and you’re not aware that they’re on the sex offender registration list.”

Including this man, Ronnie Hazelwood, who is flying under the radar and could be in your area.

Sex offenders are required to register all their information including address.

When it’s not updated every year, it could put people in danger.

In tonight’s Wanted series, we look at where Ronnie Hazelwood could be after not updating his sex offender registry.

 “He is basically avoiding law enforcement, avoiding any type of contact because he knows that he’s not registered,” says Detective Sergeant Kevin Hansz.

In 2006, Ronnie Hazelwood pleaded guilty to two counts of having child sexually abusive material in Grand Traverse County. Once released from prison, he had to register as a sex offender, but recently failed to update his address for the second time.

“And the concern to me is that he’s demonstrated by his history and his patterns that he doesn’t necessarily agree or follow through with the reporting requirements,” explains Detective Hansz.

It’s easy for people to look up where sex offenders are in an online database, but if they don’t update their information they essentially could be in your neighborhood and you wouldn’t even know it.

“Concern for me is he might be staying with somebody that is not aware that he’s a registered sex offender. Or, that potentially that person or that person’s family might be in danger,” Detective Hansz tells us.

And Detective Hansz worries more crimes may have been committed.

“I often think about somebody like this, who’s avoiding law enforcement, not only is he worried about this but he may be worried about 15 other crimes that he’s committed, that maybe law enforcement isn’t even aware of but he is,” says Detective Hansz.

Ronnie Hazelwood is 37 years old.

Brown hair, hazel eyes, six foot three and weighs 150 pounds.

Hazelwood could be in Traverse City and is on the run for failing to update his sex offender registration.

If you know where he is, you’re asked to call the Fugitive Tip Line at 877-445-8477 or Crime Stoppers at 800-773-2587.

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