MSP: Mecosta County Sex Crime Arrest Came from Tip, Sex Offender Violation

Michigan State Police are crediting the sex offender registry for helping them catch a repeat offender.

Christopher Corsello is charged with sex crimes against a child under the age of 13.

Michigan State Police began an investigation into Corsello last month in Mecosta County, which led to the new charges

Corsello now faces several sex crime charges as a repeat offender, including four counts of first degree criminal sexual conduct.

State police say the sex offender registry and a tip put him back behind bars.

Corsello is on the sex offender registry for sex crime convictions in 2000 and 2004.

A tip called into police lead to his latest arrest.

"While investigating that we found out he wasn’t at the address he had been reporting so he was arrest on the violation initially while we completed the investigation on the new charges," says MSP Sgt. Lance Cook.

Police say that violation gave them enough time to investigate the new allegations.

"Just because somebody’s on the registry doesn’t mean they’re going to repeat. The vast majority do not but it’s the small minority we have to watch out for and unfortunately there’s no way of predicting who’s going to be the repeat offenders," says Sgt. Cook.

One way to try to anticipate a repeat offenders is by tracking them on the sex offender registry, making sure they’re reporting their current address and getting help from the public.

"We get tips when there’s a problem and those are the ones were most concerned about. The ones that made a stupid mistake and are trying to move on are pretty good at reporting," says Sgt. Cook.

Those tips are what often lead to more arrests.

"A lot of times tips come on in conjunction with another offense as in this case so it’s important if somebody’s got information that they let us know," says Sgt. Cook.

The registry is easy to search. You can also sign up for alerts for specific offenders if you want to.