TCPD Works With Women’s Resource Center on Domestic Violence Cases

A recent spike in domestic violence and sexual assault cases prompted a local group to do more to get victims the help they need.

Tuesday, local law enforcement officers met at the Women’s Resource Center in Traverse City to learn new techniques for when they respond to domestic violence calls.   

“It is definitely a case that we’re investigating more frequently now than in years past.”

An increase in domestic violence in the areas has the Women’s Resource Center teaming up with local law enforcement.

Sergeant Erich Bohrer with the Traverse City Police Department says they respond to calls about assault almost daily.

“When you respond to domestic violence situations it’s normally one that’s in progress and someone’s in need of help right now,” Sgt. Bohrer says.

When the calls come in, police are usually first on scene.

Today’s training helped officers better understand how to respond to victims.

“We are first responders. We are the first people to communicate with victims in traumatic situations. I feel that with us learning new techniques and styles that we can be more compassionate and develop the information necessary to investigation complaints,” says Sgt. Bohrer.

“Really just word selection and word choice, and how important that is when you’re interviewing somebody,” says Juliette Schultz, executive director of the Women’s Resource Center. “Understanding that when somebody is recently victimized they may not be able to chronically go back and say this happened at this time.”

While there may not be a way to completely end domestic violence, the groups are hoping to make the community more aware of it and the impact.

“This is not sort of a singular issue. This is a very complicated issue that revolves around the family, revolves around economic abuse, can revolve around emotional abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, there’s so many forms of abuse that come into play, it makes it a very complicate issue,” Schultz says.