Mason County Adopt-A-Door Campaign Gets Donation from Security Company

A school security initiative is now getting help from the very company installing new security devices.

Mason County Sheriff Kim Cole is spear-heading the effort for all schools in the county.

So far the community has raised more than $100,000 to install the "Boot" security system on every door of every school.

The company installing them, the Lockdown Company, has decided to pitch in $40,000.

They say they’re impressed by people stepping up for student safety and have been welcomed by teachers, so they decided to help the cause.

"A lot of the teachers have been really happy every time we show up… They’re just really happy to get it. In Ludington a couple of the teachers have actually bought us dinner and everything so it’s been pretty awesome," says Lockdown Company representative Austin Glover.

Each door costs $230.

This week the "Boot" is going in at Ludington schools.