Grand Traverse Sheriff’s Office Employees Charged With Assault, Put on Paid Leave

A deputy and a sergeant from the Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s office found themselves in handcuffs over the weekend.

Sgt. Aimee Johnson and deputy Kenneth Chubb were off duty when police arrested them Saturday night.

They’re accused of assault and disorderly conduct.

The Grand Traverse County prosecutor authorized criminal charges against them both today.      

“There were multiple individuals that were involved in a fight, an altercation.”

Traverse City Police got a call about a fight at Little Bohemia Saturday night.

When they arrived, they realized their suspects were fellow officers.

Sergeant Aimee Johnson works at the county jail and Kenneth Chubb is a deputy with the sheriff’s department.

Waitresses at the Little Bohemia say they were already intoxicated when they showed up.

The staff refused to serve them more alcohol, and then things got physical.

“Went outside, in the outside door, and subsequently the two waitresses ended up on the ground with Miss Johnson,” says Traverse City Police Chief Jeff O’Brien. “Deputy Chubb, he intervened, pulled one of the victims off and when we got there it was deescalated. Several witnesses and victims were adamant that they were assaulted by these two individuals. There was evidence to support that, so we arrested them.”

Sergeant Johnson and deputy Chubb are both charged with assault and disorderly conduct.

The sheriff put them on paid leave and is conducting an internal investigation.

“We aren’t making any comments or taking any actions other than what has already occurred with the officers until the conclusion of the prosecutor’s review of that report,” says Sheriff Tom Bensley.

“We hold public servants to a higher standard. So we’ll do the same type of investigation with these two individuals that we would do with any other individual,” Chief O’Brien says.

TCPD conducted breath tests when they arrested Johnson and Chubb. Johnson blew a .16 and Chubb blew a .07.