Mancelona Public Schools Bus Driver On Paid Leave After Bus Crash

A student and bus driver were taken to the hospital with minor injuries after a school bus crash Friday morning.

12 Mancelona Public School students were on the bus when it went into a ditch this morning.

Ronald Davis was behind the wheel when it rolled on its side.

It happened on a curve along Southeast Torch Lake Drive just north of Alden in Antrim County.

“Came back to me and told me, you’re going to be waiting a while, the bus is on its side.”

Amanda Woirol was waiting with her daughter at the bus stop when they learned what happens just minutes before it was scheduled to pick her up.

“I feel so bad for the parents of the students that were on the bus,” Woirol says. “Because they may not be physically hurt, but mentally I’m sure it’s taken a toll and those kids are traumatized.”

Paramedics took one student and the driver to the hospital. Both are doing OK and have been released.

Amanda is glad her daughter didn’t have to go through this.

“He is not only responsible for his life, but he has our children as well and I don’t think he was thinking about that,” Woirol says.

The school bus was heading north down the road when it left the roadway. The tire tracks show it basically drove straight into the ditch and rolled on its side, but with no bad road conditions, people are wondering how this accident happen

“It’s still under investigation,” says Mancelona Public Schools superintendent Jeffery DiRosa. “We’ve been in contact with the sheriff’s department. I’ve talked to the sheriff a couple times, and we will be doing a full investigation along with them to get to the bottom of what happened.”

The driver is on paid leave until investigators determine the cause of the crash.

“Safety is of course number one for all kids here. So we have to make sure all kids are safe in the bus,” DiRosa says. “We need to know what happened so it doesn’t ever happen again.”