Boyne on the Water Plans Improvements for Boyne City Waterfront

A detailed plan released Thursday shows how Boyne City will improve its waterfront real estate.

The project is called ‘Boyne on the Water’ and has been in the works for more than a year.

The goal is to improve the waterfront in the community for both locals and visitors.

The Michigan Municipal League chose 9 communities last year and they provided expertise to help design the changes.

Boyne City in Charlevoix County was one of them.

Now the plan is in place, and those involved are excited to move forward.      

9&10’s Kalin Franks spoke to those involved and explains what the future could look like in Boyne City.

“The water is the main attraction to our community and many communities we are blessed because the downtown is right on the water.” Says Jim Baumann

Doesn’t get much better than this… until it does.

The Boyne on the Water project will enhance the shore of this community and make the best of it’s greatest asset. Lake Charlevoix.

“To enhance the parks that are on the water is the goal of this project and really just make Boyne a neater and cooler place than it already is.” Says Director of the Chamber of Commerce, Jim Baumann

From parks, to entertaining space, even signage is important.

“If someone comes into Boyne City by boat do they know where the shops are, restaurants are, amenities are?” Says Michael Cian, City Manager.

Making the best of the water is obviously a goal as well, providing better recreation and boating areas.

“Spend the day, spend the weekend spend time inside shops, walk in town, go to the beach and cool down.” Says Robin Berry Williams.

The plan released is just a goal and things can change because this all needs to be paid for.

Planners are still exploring that, everything from crowd funding to major campaigns and using city tax dollars.

They hope people who live here will be willing to help out.

“We want Boyne to be the best Boyne City it can be, we don’t necessarily want to be a carbon copy of another community we want to be true to ourselves and true to our roots.” Says Cain.

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